Web Development Services We Provide

Services you'd expect and some you may not have known you need that are on offer to get your new website up and running, or to provide assistance in redesigning and redeveloping your old website.

Web Design & Development

Looking for a local web development agency? Get the website that does what you want! A website designed for you from scratch and tailored to your very needs. Colour code, logo, images, we'll make the website fit around those if you already have them, if not we'll help you create your brand, style and content for you. There's no website too big or small in our eyes, from sole traders to large companies that employ several hundred people, your website will standout no matter what scale and use you require.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Also known as a "responsive website" which gains better rankings by being mobile and tablet friendly. With the increasing popularity of searching on smart phones and tablets, people now like to access information on the go. You can have a responsive website design, a website that changes its element sizes and layout depending on the device it is viewed on. Since April 2015 Google and other search engines are ranking responsive websites above non-responsive ones when a search is made on a smart phone or tablet.

Website Redesign

Websites need change, get a site redesign based on your new requirements from a local web developer...us! Have an old website? Need it updating? No problem. We can take you old content, update or re-brand it to make it more in keeping with current trends and designs giving you the website redesign you or your company need to stand out. After all, nothing can put off a potential customer or client than being a professional company with an unprofessional DIY website, or a dated website which isn't mobile friendly.

Website Hosting

Fast and competitively priced hosting on our high speed Virtual Private Server (VPS). We provide hosting to any level you require, from small brochure type websites to large companies/organisations and ecommerce websites capable of handling large amounts of both general website and email traffic and all price tailored depending on your needs. If you simply want to have us host your website for you and nothing else that's ok. Prices start from as little as £40 per year with 99.99% up-time 24/7/365.

Business Email Inboxes

Access anywhere, on any device, large inbox email accounts with your domain name! We offer business email account packages included with the yearly hosting package with business email packages starting from as little as 10 x 2GB accounts to as many as...well, whatever you could possibly need. All email accounts are secure password protected as expected, can be accessed via Microsoft Outlook and other email programs, including web browsers and the ability to check your email on the go on your smart phone or tablet.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Better rankings for your website pages! Using the latest design and coding techniques and software, your website will be submitted to the search engines and optimised to get better quality, not just quantity traffic to your website and in the process raise the rankings for your site. We know how to help boost your current content to come higher in the search engine rankings to better improve your chances of people discovering your website and turn visitors into customers and clients.

Brand & Logo Design

Increase your brand recognition! We can create or redesign your digital identity! Whether you're just starting out and need a new logo/brand, or if you already have a logo/brand but feel it needs updating that's no problem. Our work will make your brand come alive and stand out from your competitors. Scroll down to see some of our log and branding work below.

Content Writing / Copywriting

Saving you the headache of writing your own material & gain better rankings! Can't think what to write for your website? You're one of many people & companies who are great at what they do but can't seem to find the right words to tell everyone how good you are and how you do it. Don't worry, we can take what wording you do have, if any, then make it into an interesting read in bite size chunks on your website, whilst at the same time making sure to improve your on page SEO for your targeted keywords.

Social Media Marketing

We show you how to get out there and get engaging with your target audience! Using all the latest and popular social media networks to get your message out there fast and effectively you can't go wrong. This includes your own Facebook business page, Twitter feed, Google+ page and more. There's not an audience you won't find with the right tools used by us.

Mailshots / Email Marketing

Reach out to your subscribers keeping them up to date and coming back! A great way to reach new customers or keep your current clients & customers up to date on the latest news and offers. We simply add a subscribe feature on your website and after capturing details use a mailshot template that has the same look as your website and logo, you then simply add the news or offer and hit send. With detailed stats on how well it was received also included. You can even post to your Facebook & Twitter account via the mailshot at the same time.

Ecommerce Website Design

Gain more customers and sell your products to a wider audience with our ecommerce web design and development services! Whether you're selling pyhsical or digital products or services (like subscriptions), we can create an easy-to-use and easy-to-update online shop, helping both you and your customers to enjoy a smooth, interactive experience. With full SSL encryption and secure admin and user logins for no hassle security when making sales and taking payments. There are many elements that can be integrated into an ecommerce website too, including email marketing, subscription services, downloadable products and more.

PPC Marketing

Great for business starting out, or business not ranking well to get recognised instantly if they can't wait for natural rankings to increase! Need to get to the top of the search engine results quickly? Pay Per Click advertising is great for brand new websites where they have no domain authority and ranking due to being so new, or websites performing badly to get a boost whilst trying to get things back on track. By using PPC your website can come in the top of the search engine results paid sections when someone types in keywords related to your business in both text, image and video formats.

Latest Logo and Branding Designs

See some of our latest branding / logo designs below
Branding Design
R&L Plumbing & Joinery

Logo Design

Chameleon conservatories logo
Chameleon Conservatories

Logo Design

Packaging design
Alpines K9 Dog food

Logo & Branding Package Design

Corarima logo

Logo Design

Steph Nicholls logo
Stephanie Nicholls

Branding Design